Fire at Sunset


Dru Stefan Stone

I am a life-long learner who is:
Living a creative life
Adventurous and confident
Always found with a smile
Positive and determined
Living life with passion

I am a fine art pastel artist and a fine art and location lifestyle/portrait photographer, presently living in the Panama City Beach, FL area, who has a love affair with color and people finding them to be interesting, fascinating and the best means to create evocative drawings or photographs.

I have trained my eyes to see and my heart to be alive with expression.

I was born in Hartford, WI, the twelfth of thirteen children, graduated Cum Laude from UW-Whitewater with a BAE in Art and teacher certification. It feels good to have successfully raised my family, including homeschooling them until they attended college.

In 2004, I resumed working more intimately with my art and photography, I was privileged to have several solo gallery shows and have completed commissioned pastel work. I work with pastels and oil paints and enjoy making fine art, portrait, and lifestyle photography. I hold a variety of photography and art workshops, called “Meet Your World.”

My limited edition fine art prints and original pastels are for sale and I am always booking location portrait and lifestyle photography sessions and open to commissioned work. Currently I am putting together my first inspirational photography book. I have an instructional blog you can find here:

I believe, when you immerse yourself in art it transcends all barriers. Art in its truest form is an expression of emotions and impressions and leads those who appreciate it on the path to reflect upon and be inspired by their own interactions within life.
All work is for sale and all offers considered.

ARTIST STATEMENT for Dru Stefan Stone

My Philosophy of Art:
Art is creatively expressing experiences, thoughts and values through various media. The things that are taken into consideration in the visual arts are subject matter, expression, composition, and the use and knowledge of the medium.

Art is an expression; it should evoke or stir our emotions. True works of art invite in depth participation by the viewer, the information is there, and perhaps incomplete but will allow you to complete or experience it more subjectively or emotionally within our own life references. Art can transcend all barriers. And art in its truest form is an expression of emotions and impressions and leads those who appreciate art on the path to their own spirit.

All of my work is encompassed by my philosophy of art. Because I strive for the evocative, color is an important aspect of the concepts and production of my paintings and photography. I also love and appreciate people, our similarities and our differences.

My work overall speaks to the challenges we all face to dream, to wish, to desire and to do what our hearts encompass and make them real. They are an integral part of who we are; they help us become the person we want and hope to be. We all begin with them. We all dream. We all wish. We all need help believing in ourselves and hope they will become real. We all face those challenges. To follow our hearts.

My Floral Work:
My desire in my pastel drawings and photographing both my abstract and realistic flowers is to create an atmosphere of happiness, calm and pleasure, echoing the positive aspects of life and the thoughts that encompass it with hope under all circumstances. I choose to express the positive, calm, happy side of life, striving to stimulate the pleasures and good that surrounds each of us. My desire is to inspire those who view my work to think and dream, bringing hope and positive emotion through it to reach into the positive side of their life inspiring action toward the good in life. The purpose is to inspire and illuminate their own experiences in the real world that may go unnoticed without helping to facilitate the appreciation for it.

My "Wishes and Dreams" and "Wishes Become Dreams" series is an ongoing work in progress as a complete concept and vision. It is a project that I hope will help people to envision their wishes and dreams coming true, to keep on dreaming and believing and working toward following their heart, to hope and not give up, but to believe in their own abilities and dreams.

My Portrait Work:
I strive to encourage appreciation and understanding of all people and cultures through color and the emotion expressed in the portrait; to value and encourage our differences and embrace what it offers our world and our experiences and to realize the similarities that make it all possible. I desire to encapsulate the person, their emotions, their love, their personality in the work that I do, in both my pastels and my photography.
In my portrait photography, to preserve the treasured memories that wane or fade as life continues are especially important and will transcend time as we ponder over the days that have gone before and cause us to shake those memories alive and reminisce our past.
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